Ukrainian underground multimedia project & band. Full discography at:
One of the most extravagant experimental formations that Ukrainian alternative scene ever had. The project was launched in the beginning of 90’s under the supervision of once legendary now half forgotten east Ukrainian cultural organization “Novaya Scena”, which main achievement became CD compilation of Ukrainian alternative music on german label “What So Funny About” 13 years ago. Foa Hoka had their debut there, as a post industrial neo folk combo. The band started putting together early 90s industrial trends with sharp lo-fi grooves boldly combined with lush melody polyphonia and unexpectably emotional crooning. Past decade brought some specific changes to their conception. At this very moment, after Germany and Poland tours, a number of CD releases & bootlegs, numerous appearances on various modern art festivals, the band strongly holds its position as Ukraine’s most consistent and up-to-date underground project.

Foa Hoka was formed in January 1991 in Chernihiv by Dmytro Kurovsky [vocals/synth/flute] and Vladyslav Dikhtyarenko [synth/guitars/programming]. In 1994 they were joined by Ivan Moskalenko [bass], known as DJ Derbastler (@derbastler). In 2002 Foa Hoka becomes an open project for all artists who just feels the same. In the spirit of contemporaneity, the band’s music evolves constantly. In 2005 Serge Dubsrovsky AKA DJ Dubmasta (@dubmasta) began participating in live gigs and studio sessions, before & after every live performance he plays DJ set based on Foa Hoka productions. The artists are continually searching for new, hopefully surprising musical ideas, primarily in Foa Hoka’s own Midi Free Studio. Since 1997 the band collaborates with experimental video producers Oleh Chorny and Hennadiy Khmaruk also known as the Sampled Pictures creative unit ( In cooperation they created a number of music videos presented in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Russia and the United States. Foa Hoka has performed in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, but the band engages primarily in studio work.

Favorite sounds and instruments include flutes, distortion effects, brass instruments, retro analogue synthesizers & drum machines, sub bass, guitars, hypnotic samples, abstract beats & dub vibrations. Foa Hoka’s music is described as experimental rock combined with post-industrial electronics, minimal techno, nowave funk, psychedelic ambient and new- and cold-wave elements. It is sometimes called “folk industrial” or “uneasy listening” in “quasi-lounge” atmosphere. The albums “Worldwide Remixed Vol.1 & 2″ on Sale & SKP Records represent different remixes by various underground artists from Ukraine, Germany, Austria and Russia. Foa Hoka have many compilations from the archives like multimedia DVD release “Complete Artworks 1978-2008” featuring continuous slideshow of Dmytro Kurovsky artworks backing Foa Hoka “best of” mix called “Love Never Dies. Mixed by Dubmasta”, “Tracks Off: The History Vol. 2. 1993-2009” compilation of unreleased tracks with live videos and clips as CD/DVD. Latest releases include international electro kraut remix album with Flying Super Pension (@flying-super-pension)…tius-remixius & live band funky reworks of thier hits…urs-break-out. Foa Hoka has greatly updated its studio and rare analogue equipment during last few years, today guitarist & producer Evgen Hodosh, from famous Kazma Kazma band, with Sergey Protsenko on sax & Mike Khudenok AKA Cybermonk on bass & synths joins the project.

10 1993 – Foa Hoka live/record release of CD “Novaya Scena:Underground from Ukraine” on WHAT SO FUNNY ABOUT Records: Kharkiv
04 1994 – Foa Hoka live: Kharkiv@Kult Moderna festival
09 1994 – Foa Hoka live: Lviv@Alternativa festival
10 1994 – Foa Hoka & Kinsky live @Germany-Poland Tour
05 1995 – Foa Hoka live: Kharkiv@Kult Moderna 2 festival
09 1995 – Foa Hoka live: Lviv@Alternativa 2 festival
03 1996 – Foa Hoka live @Germany-Poland Tour
10 1997 – Foa Hoka & Laibach live: Kharkiv@Vostochny Express art festival
10 2000 – Foa Hoka live: Kyiv@Perlyny Sezonu festival 12 2000 – Foa Hoka live: Kyiv@Chervona Ruta festival
10 2001 – Foa Hoka live: Kyiv@KIMAF 07 2002 – Foa Hoka & DJ Eugene Hutz live/dj set/record release of CD “Indposhyv” on SALE Records: Kyiv@Babuin
10 2002 – Foa Hoka live: Kyiv@44 06 2003 – Foa Hoka & Pan Kifared live/dj set: Branshof@Fusion festival.Germany
08 2003 – Foa Hoka & Ritmless live/dj set: Woznice@Medusa open air festival, Poland
12 2003 – Foa Hoka dj set: Odessa@Dive/Cafe del Mar
01 2004 – Foa Hoka live/dj set: Odessa @ Pobeda
11 2004 – Foa Hoka live/dj set: Vienna@Serious Pop festival.Austria
12 2004 – Foa Hoka live: Stuttgart@Lightfestival.Germany
12 2004 – 01 2005 – Foa Hoka live/dj set @Germany Tour
03 2005 – Foa Hoka live/dj set: Chernihiv @ Master Cook
12 2005 – Foa Hoka & Gebruder Teichmann live/dj set: Cherniwtzi,Kyiv,Odessa@German-Ukraine Session Tour
07 2006 – Foa Hoka live/dj set: Odessa@Danaos Plexxipus open air festival
09 2006 – Foa Hoka live/dj set: Vinnitsa@Sehsuchte/Moviemiento Film Festival
09 2006 – dj set Kiev @ Babuin Cafe
10 2006 – Foa Hoka/dj set: Kyiv @ Babuin Halloween party
04 2007 – Foa Hoka live: St. Petersburg (Russia) @ SKIF 11
07 2007 – Foa Hoka live/dj set by DJ Dubmasta: Kyiv @ Xlib
01 2008 – Foa Hoka live/dj set by DJ Dubmasta: Kharkiv @ Pintagon
05 2008 – Foa Hoka live/dj set by DJ Dubmasta: Kyiv @ Gogolfest
10 2008 – dj set Chernigiv @ Vareniks Pub, 04 2009 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv @ Xlib
03 2010 – Foa Hoka Live: Białystok, Poland @ Fama
08 2010 – Foa Hoka Live: Tranzyt: second international documentary film festival, Poznan, Poland
04 2011 –  Foa Hoka Live: Odessa@Vykhod
07 2011 – Foa Hoka Live: Odessa@Trueman
09 2011 – Foa Hoka Live: Moscow@Б2/Indyushata Festival
02 2012 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv@Babuin
06 2012 – Foa Hoka Live: Berlin@Postbahnhof
06 2018 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv@Mystetskyi Arsenal
09 2018 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv@Fashion Show Victoria Gres FW’18-19
11 2018 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv@Old Fashioned Radio
06 2019 – Foa Hoka Live: Kyiv@Monteray Club