Foa Hoka videos produced by Sampled Pictures creative unit

Foa Hoka videos produced by Sampled Pictures creative unit

Since 1997 “Sampled Pictures” (Oleg Chorny & Gena Khmaruk) have worked in cooperation with Foa Hoka and have created a number of videos. These videos took part at the programs of the different festivals and events:

“Fon” – “Circles of Confusion” (1998, Berlin, Germany);  ”Open Night”  (1998, Kyiv, Ukraine) “Molodist-99” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1999)

“Fon.akt 6” – Trans Musicale (1998, Rennes, France); Wox (2000, Paris, France)

“Fon.akt 5” – “Open Night” (2000, Kyiv, Ukraine)

“Fon.akt 3” – Bochumer International Videofestival (2002, Bochum, Germany); Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin  (Berlin, 2003); Mix”O_Matos (2003, Poitiers, France); “The sweetest taboo” (2004, Leuven, Belgium); in the programs of the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin in Caracas (Venezuela) and Abu-Dhabi (UAE), 2006

“Recruits Song” – Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2002

The Foa Hoka music sounds in the documentary film “Painting” directed by Oleg Chorny and participated at the programs of International  Festival of films on Art (2003, Montreal, Canada) and Artecinema (2003, Napoli, Italy)

Sampled Pictures have created a video background for the FOA-HOKA  live concert program “We are not in the fog”, participated in the different musical festivals and events:

2011: live – INDYUSHATA FESTIVAL (Moscow, Russia)

2008: live/dj set – GOGOLFEST (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2007: live – SKIF-11 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2006: live/dj set – Danaos Plexxipus Festival (Odesa, Ukraine)

2005: Foa Hoka & Gebruder Tiechmann live/dj set – Chernivtsi-Kyiv-Odesa German-Ukraine Session Tour

2004-2005: live/dj set – Germany Tour

2004: live – Lightfestival (Stuttgart, Germany)

2004: live/dj set – Serious Pop Summit (Vienna, Austria)

2003: Foa Hoka &The Rhythmless –Medusa open air festival (Voznice, Poland)

2003: Foa Hoka & Pankifared – Brandshof Festival (Hamburg, Germany)

2003: Foa Hoka & Pankifared –  Fusion Festival (Germany)

In 2005 Ukrainian recording company “Sale records” released the double cd  Foa Hoka album “Foa Hoka Worldwide Remixed” (included the 1 cd: musical remixes for the Foa Hoka themes and the 2 cd: videos created by “Sampled Pictures”).

Foa Hoka videos also have been presented in the retrospective during the exhibition “Scream” by Oleg Chorny & Gena Khamruk at the National Museum of Ukraine ( Kyiv, 2009); in the “Sampled Pictures” program during the “Video Art Night” (cinema “Zhovten”, 2009) and in the “Sampled Pictures” screening at “Visionforum” (Gallery Verkstad, Norrköping, Sweden, 2010).

Now “Sampled Pictures” works on the experimental film “FON” inspired by the same named album by Foa Hoka. “Sampled Pictures”/ Foa Hoka videos are available to find on:


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